Ana de Alvear | Biography
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Madrid, Spain, 1962

Ana de Alvear uses archetypes focusing specially in the self-esteem and it’s development.

These archetypes are used in order to facilitate the identification or cause it’s rejection in the viewer who is doomed to have to overcome his reluctance to get to the fundamental wisdom of his own identity.

Identity which is the being, printed in his own diversity … This can have infinite number of ways including those that we like and those which we don’t like… those which touch us either positively or negatively.

The viewer is doomed to reflect his own visual prototypes and archetypes regarding the infantile or the adult and so could solve this paradigm individually.

“Wanting to be something we are not prevents us from seeing how wonderful we really are and so we loose the chance to make our dreams come true”. [Ana de Alvear]

The Spectator is involved in a dialogue, which transforms his/her physical and spiritual perception, challenging their archetypal feelings by separating the elements of the reality to which they belong, changing its intrinsic meaning.

In her film work she appeals to the Spectator as an individual, suggesting the identification with the main character, enabling the viewer “To see with others eyes perspective”. This new point of view “gives us the chance to discover ourselves, because that ‘OTHER’ allows us to see ourselves like through a mirror” [Ana de Alvear].

Ana de Alvear

Madrid, Spain, 1962
Throughout visual tales she invites us “To find the limits of ourselves taking the chance to move from our usual environment, making it possible to discover that it depends on us to go anywhere, that we can embrace the hole and that nothing can escape from us, because we are all”
[Ana de Alvear]

At the same time, the fascination in the aesthetic sense of simplicity where microcosms and macrocosms interact within an interchangeable poetic makes this metamorphosis possible, introducing the audience into a poetic space full of emotions.

Adjusting to each space specifically, her work is based mainly on multidisciplinary installations where new experimental materials and media play a fundamental role considering them part of the dialog.

Since 1997 she collaborates with her sister Maria de Alvear (Composer) so part of her work is related to avant-garde music productions in a pioneering work in Multidisciplinary concert.

Since 2003 she made several collaborations with Eduardo Polonio Electro acoustic avant-garde music composer as well as with the composer Jorge Fernández Guerra since 2010.

In 2014 is the world premier of “Georges Odysey” Multidisciplinary concert for the Trio Árbos in collaboration with 11 composers of 7 country’s among which are Jo Kondo ( Japan), Ernstalbrecht Stiebler (Germany), Tom Johnson (USA), Linda Catlin Smith (Canada), Klaus Lang (Austria), Walter Zimmermann (Germany) or Antoine Boiger (Holanda)

In 2006 she founded VIVA (Vital Internacional Video Art) conceived as a travelling exhibition with festival format, where international artists can find a meeting point for intellectual discourse, creating an exhibition network around the globe, in collaboration with curators, galleries, institutions, foundations and private collections.

  • Concert specific works
  • 2019

    – Catedral de Cuenca, España


    – Teatro Universidad de Pamplona


    – Teatro Campoamor Oviedo España (5 representaciones)


    – Jornadas de Música conteemporánea, Segovia España
    – Centro Gallego de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago de Compostella, España
    – Matineé – Museo Nacional centro de Arte Reina Sofia Madrid, España
    – Museo Nacional centro de Arte Reina Sofia Madrid, España
    – Romanischer Sommer, Cologne, Germany
    – Presentacion de Temporada CNDM 14/15 Auditorio de Camara del Auditorio Nacional, Madrid, España


    – Conservatorio Superior de Música Rafael Orozco, Cordoba, España
    – SMRC Cuenca España


    – Festival Latinoamericano de Música de Caracas – CASPM – Caracas, Venezuela


    – XIII Festival Barcelona Art Contemporani Spain


    – Espai Polivalent Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, España
    – CDMD Auditorium 400 at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, España


    – Alte Feuerwache, Köln, Germany
    – Podewil, Berlin, Germany


    – DLF Köln Sendesaal, Cologne Germany


    – Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, España


    -Sound Symposium 2000, Memorial University School of Music,(MUN), St. John´s, Newfoundland, Canada.


    – M.E.I.A.C., Badajoz, España
    – “Al árbol del Norte” Sala Capitol de Cáceres, España
    – “la Luz de la Línea” Sala Capitol, Cáceres, España


    – Köln Fest II, Colonia, Germany
    – Gran Teatro de Cáceres, Cáceres, España
    – Festival Frau Música Nova en el W.D.R., Colonia, Germany
    – Festival Darmstadt, Germany


    – Galeria Tanja Grunert, Köln Fest I, Colonia, Germany

  • Screenings
  • 2014

    – 3º marathon de Videoarte en Casa Encendida, Madrid España


    – Circulo de Bellas Artes Tenerife, España


    – CaixaForum, Madrid España
    – Festival de cine pobre de Gibara, Cuba
    – “Dreamed City” Matadero, Madrid, Spain
    – “Mujeres indomables” cineteca del Matadero, Madrid, Spain


    – Moving Imagen Fair NY, USA
    – Muestra de Arte Audiovisual Fluido Plastico Soria, Spain
    – La noche en Blanco EXPOESIA 2011 Soria, Spain
    – Nits de deshieli I Art, 14ª edicion Valencia, Spain


    – Centre Pompidou, Paris España
    – Hara Museum Tokio, Japan
    – Bac Festival, Barcelona España
    – Monographic MOCA Seul Corea
    – EXiS.ORG Seul, Corea
    – Animayo, Gran Canaria, España
    – Nit d’Hielo i Art en l’exili 13 edició, Valencia, España
    – IN THE MOOD OF TODAY at Big screen Project 6th Ave, Manhattan NY, USA
    – BDLL Barrio de Las Letras, Madrid, España
    – HUB Madrid, España
    – This is a Spuare, Madrid, España
    – “La conquista de la ciudad soñada” Experimenta at the Sesc Institution in Campinas, Brazil
    – Restless (E)Motion MOCA Seoul Korea
    – ‘Cecile’s Difference’, at Hip & Cool, II Picknik Festival Fundación Marcelino Botín, Santander, España
    – The III Edition Mouvart Festival – Dreamed City, Marceille, France
    – “Mujeres indomables” Centre Cultura de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison, Barcelona, España


    – Mujeres Indomables’, Fundación Miró, Barcelona
    – P.Art of your life, Zwolle, Netherland
    – Invideo, Milan, Italy
    – Loop Alternative Space, Seoul, Korea
    – Gouda Museum, Gouda, Netherlands
    – Artendencias, Madrid, España
    – Espacio Digital, Gran Canaria, España
    – Circulo de Bellas Artes ,Tenerife, España
    – Nits d’ aielo I art en l’ exili, Valencia, España


    – MoCA Shanghai China
    – Hara Museum Tokio Japam
    – CDMD Auditorium 400 at Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, España
    – PhotoEspaña08, Madrid, España
    – The Kunstvlaai A.P.I., Biennale os Amsterdam, Netherlands


    – IV Ciclo de Música Contemparánea CIMTEC, Sevilla Transit, España
    – Instituto Cervantes, Tokyo, Japan
    – MAEM, Madrid, España
    – Oroon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    – Kunstcentrum Henuelo, Netherlands
    – Safe Fundation, Dalfsen Netherlands


    – Hara Museum Tokio, Japan
    – The Stad als Theater Zwolle Holland
    – Stedelijke Academie loor Beeldende Kunsten, Antwerpen Belgium
    – Confluencias, Huelva, España


    – Cité Universitaire Maison de l’Italie Paris, France
    – Loop Festival at the Ego Gallery Barcelona, España
    – “Encantos” – Internacional Art – festival Turín, Italy
    – Cinema Continua – Curator Pim Trooster at Galerie Het Langhuis Amsterdam, Netherlands
    – Aoyama Cultural Salon in colaboration with V-art Sardinia, Tokio Embassy of España. – Tokio, Japan.
    – Circulo Alice Guy del Cinema, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.
    – Confluencias VI – Art and Technology at the edge of the millenium, Huelva, España.
    – Video Art – Festival Internazionale “Round 2005” – Rimini, Italy.
    – SAFE Fundation Zwollen, Netherlans


    – Waterman’s Art Centre London UK
    – Monographic at the V- art’ 04, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
    – “Encantos” International Art – Festival, Turín, Italy
    – V – Art 04 Video Film Festival at Frankfurt, Germany
    – Confluencias, Arte y Tecnoligia al Borde del Milenio, Huelva, España
    – Video Art – Festival Internationale, Rimini, Italy


    – “Encantos” International Art – Festival, Turín, Italy
    – Monographic Night at the Video Art – Festival Internationale, Rimini, Italy
    – Pinacoteca Comunale “Carlo Contini” Oristano Sardinia, Italy
    – Circulo de Bellas Artes, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, España


    – Monographic Night at the V-Art’02 Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
    – Video Art – Festival Internationale, Rimini, Italy

  • Exhibitions
  • 2019

    – Gabinete de Resistencia, Madrid, España
    – Lavagne Projects, Madrid, España


    – MUBAM Murcia, España
    – Catedral de Cuenca, Cuenca, España
    – Vuelapluma Ediciones, Madrid, España


    – Centro de Arte Alcobendas, Madrid, España


    – Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid, España
    – Real Jardín Botánico, Madrid, España
    – Casa Encendida, Madrid, España


    – Museo Lázaro Galdiano Madrid España


    – Annelien Kers Gallery (collective), Amsterdam, The Netherlands


    – Catedral de Cuenca, España


    – Centre d’Arte d’Alcoi, Valencia, España
    – Isabel Hurley Gallery, Malaga, España
    – Circulo de Bellas Artes, Tenerife, Gran Canarias, España


    – Galeria Ego Barcelona, España


    – Museo de la Ciencia y el Cosmos, Tenerife, España
    – Zoo Frankfurt, Germany


    – Mull Art Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany


    – Mull Art Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany
    – Armory Show, New Yourk, U.S.A.


    – PhotoEspaña 2001, at the Gallery Carmen de la Guerra, Madrid, España
    – Gallery Por Amor á Arte, Oporto, Portugal
    – Gallery Carmen de la Guerra, Madrid, España
    – Artissima 2001, Torino, Italy
    – Tentaciones 2001, Madrid, España
    – Estampa 2001, Madrid, España
    -Telefonica Fundation, (collectiva), Madrid, España


    – Gallery Carmen de la Guerra, Madrid, España.
    – Sala Plaza de España de la Comunidad de Madrid, (collectiva), Madrid, España
    – Estampa 2000, Madrid, España
    – Art Center EGO, (collectiva), at Sala Borrón, Oviedo, Asturias, España.


    – Former leather Factory Jacob Müller GMBH, Kirn / Nahe,Germany.
    – Former house of Auguste Schätzel, Rotmannstr. 1, Kirn / Nahe, Germany.
    – Galería Fernando Serrano, Moguer, Huelva, España
    – A.E.C.I. Spanish Agency of International Cooperation, (collectiva), La Paz, Bolivia.


    – Galería Fernando Serrano, Moguer, Huelva, España
    – Museo Postal y Telegráfico de Madrid, (collectiva), España


    – Museo de Arte Abstracto Español, (collectiva), Cuenca , España
    – Galería Montalbán, Madrid, España


    – Calcografía Nacional, (collectiva), Madrid, España
    – Galería BAT Alberto Cornejo, Madrid España


    – Museo Taurino, Córdoba, España
    – Sala Consulado del Mar, (collectiva), Burgos, España
    – Palacio de la Audiencia, (collectiva), Soria, España
    – Biblioteca de Castilla y León, (collectiva), Valladolid, España
    – Centro Cultural Cecilio Muñoz Fillol, (collectiva), Ayuntamiento de Valdepeñas, Ciudad Real, España
    – Galería BAT, Madrid, España


    – Galería Cristal Arte, (collectiva), Cádiz, España
    – Cocheras del Rey, (collectiva), El Escorial, Madrid, España
    – Museo de Salamanca, (collectiva), España
    – Biblioteca Nacional, (collectiva), Madrid, España


    – Taller Mayor 28, Madrid, España


    – Galería Sen, Madrid, España


    – Centro Cultural Buenavista, (collectiva), Madrid, España
    – Ayuntamiento de Leganes, (collectiva), Madrid, España


    – Galería Luisa López, Tarragona, España
    – Galería Sen, Madrid, España


    – 07/09/2018 Taller Fundación Telefonica, Madrid, España
    – 06/06/2014 IED Instituto Europeo de Diseño, Madrid, España
    – 03/10/2014 Conservatorio Superior de Música, Madrid, España
    – 06/10/2014 Auditorio 200 Museo Reina Sofía para Universidad Complutense, Madrid, España
    – 05/05/2010 Animayo, las Palmas de Gran Canaria, España